We. Are. Impressions.

Online Radio that's focused on putting our community first. We feature a comprehensive show line-up that boast qualities such as the very best in music entertainment, informative educational segments, the latest in current affairs from local and abroad, interactive talk shows, live music releases and much more.

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How it began

Impressions Online Radio was born when our very own Shikaar and Tashka Maharaj wanted to fulfil a life long dream of their father's, Sanjeev Maharaj, to one day own his own radio station. This led to them getting into contact with skilled people within the industry such as Adil Garib, MCDJ Naren Maharajh and Zeenat Anwar to name a few.

Luck was thankfully on our side and these dedicated individuals assisted in creating a dream into a reality.  It took the collaboration of some amazing souls along the way who added their helping hands and in less than two weeks from the idea being just a concept, all the necessary arrangements were made, from leasing of the actual site for our studio, to getting and installing the required software and devices for an online radio station.

To kick it off, the management and radio jocks got together to host a wonderful launch at the studio on June 6th 2021, with Naren Maharajh guiding the proceedings with exciting entertainment such as a fire dancer, great music and our very own Ashen Singh presented the very first live show on with The Here, There and Everywhere Show. Since that day Impressions Online Radio has grown from strength to strength in humongous strides, reaching across the globe with over 25 countries tuning in and approximately 17% of our listeners being located in Canada as well as more listeners in all corners of the world.

Impressions boasts a team of well seasoned RJs and other professionals in the radio and music entertainment fields as well as fresh faces who have had their debut on air with Impressions Online Radio. This fusion has brought together content and topics and vibes from every walk of life which is what brought us to our slogan, "Radio For You!!!" as it truly is by the people, for the people. We have been building and growing immensely, all thanks to our hardworking crew as well as our loyal listeners. We thank each and every one of you for joining us on this journey, and staying with us to be a part of the amazing heights we are sure to reach, hand-in-hand, as one Impressions family.

Here at Impressions, It's Radio for You'

Our Mission

Here at Impressions we strive to deliver the very best in music and entertainment while also paying homage to our heritage and Durban's rich Indian culture. As such we aim to be more than just a radio station but a pillar of the community that is as invested in seeing growth in our local communities as we are in growing our brand.


Get ready to be mesmerised as we present to you the talents of Karoona and Usha, Adil Gharib, Keebs Naidoo , Ria Nandhkissoor, Dhia Pitamber ,Ash R, Jival Ishwarlal, Darshan Naidoo, DJ Nish, DJ Zak, Mahesh Naidoo, Dion Chetty, Deena Chetty, Pranitha M. Ramckurran, Darrin M, DJ Misha, Smurfy and a whole host of other incredibly talented Radio Dj's.

The Team here at impressions

Station Manager : Zeenat Anwar
Assistant Manager : Dion Chetty

Marketing/Social Media Manager : Pranitha M. Ramckurran
Music and Programming : Darshan Naidoo


If you should desire to contribute payment regarding advertising arrangements or contribute to any of our charitable initiatives or feeding schemes. Please send any contributions to the following account along with your Name/ Business Name in the description, Thank you.

Banking Details:

Account Holder: Impressions FM
Bank: First National Bank
Account Type: Cheque Account
Account Number: 62902073478
Branch Code: 255355